18 May 2008

What does your poop look like?

So, my 3 yr. old son had to go to the potty, and when he says he has to go we don’t waste any time. We drop everything and go straight to the nearest potty. Well, this time we were upstairs and the potty seat that sits on top of the toilet is downstairs. But I can hold him so he doesn’t fall in, so we went ahead and used the upstairs toilet and I held him. What I didn’t realize was that this time, he also had to go poopies. Bummer fo_DSC4156r me, cause usually he takes his own sweet time to go poopy downstairs as I go about my business elsewhere. This time I was stuck. Forced to squat there holding my child up watching his poops come out.  Lovely. And there is a strange phenomenon that happens when you help your child pee. Suddenly you also feel the urge to pee. Great.

So, as I was hoping (and praying) that he does his job quickly as possible so I don’t pee on the floor, the first poops come out. Oh, and as if this wasn’t already a weird post, I should describe our position a little more. Because he is a boy, when he sits on the potty he has to lean towards me so his “special item” is angled properly. If that makes any sense. So, because of this, both he and I are able to view what comes out. Isn't that wonderful. Anyway….so, the poop comes out and he says “That looks like a car.” And I paused and said "What did you say?". He repeated "That looks like a car." I had to laugh, but really didn't want to cause, remember, I had to pee. Then the next one came out and he said "That one looks like Cranky the Crane." Oh man....now I was dangerously close to peeing. Then the next came out (which was a bit smaller) and he said "That looks like an airplane (pause) but it is a hook for Cranky." haha. (It really did look like a hook for a crane) Thankfully that was the last, and I was able to then get on the potty myself. Oh, I love my son and the fact that he can be creative with his poop shapes. I never knew pooping could be so entertaining.


marisabutterworth said...

This is too funny! When I thought about having children, I never realized how involved you would be in every aspect of their day to day "happenings"!

This Mama said...

Cute story, Amy! Glad you didn't pee your pants...this time at least.

Lisa said...

Ha ha ... I love poop talk!


Cecilia Mases said...

Ha, ha, ha! Jonathan went on the potty for the first time yesterday and now I know what I have to look forward to!