02 March 2011

Nearly 9 months

So, our sweet Simon is nearly 9 months now. That’s also about the same amount of time since my last blog post. That wasn’t intentional, just trying to get this 3-kid thing down. I think I’m in a pretty good place now, so I’m trying to get the blog going again. Thought I’d start it off with these CRAZY adorable shots of what may be the cutest child EVER. I know…I know…I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it time and time again. It’s just true.

(Btw, Joe took the shot of him in the green hat. Pretty awesome, huh? …which I knitted, as a matter of fact. More on that later. And my Aunt Peggy crocheted the fabulous blue blanket. Kind of amazing.)





And yes, he’s wearing Baby Legs…because he’s cute and he can get away with it.