29 April 2008

Photo Gallery


Amy Cheng Photography gallery is officially up. Well, at least it’s started. And I have to say, it was super easy. I already believed that Adobe Lightroom was the world’s greatest software (besides my husband’s super cool blogging software...notice the awesome 3pt. outline around this photo….thanks Windows Live Writer…i only wish there was a wood frame effect…haha). But it just got even greater because I discovered the web tab tonight. I swear, I’m still in shock from how cool it is. I basically got all those photos published online with one click. I’m not kidding. Anyway…maybe I’ll go into more detail in a later post….but Lightroom really is amazing in so many ways. I love them.

28 April 2008

Drive-thru Good Deed

So, a few months ago, I pulled up to the Starbucks Drive-thru window and they told me the person in front of me had paid for my order! My eyebrows raised and I said “Oh….by accident?”. I was so confuPicture of Starbucks Coffee - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.comsed. No, apparently, this happens, and you are encouraged to do the same someday. I couldn’t believe it.

Finally, the other day, my chance had come to return the favor to some unexpected coffee lover. I noticed a woman behind me, by herself, driving a minivan. I thought, well…given that she is driving a minivan, the chances are pretty good that she has had a crazy day and could use a little kindness, (and also that she won’t misunderstand my gesture and think I may be hitting on her…heh). So, I paid for her order.

It’s funny cause when someone paid for me I was shocked that someone would show such kindness to a complete stranger. I was filled with warmth and gratitude. What I didn’t expect was that when it came time to return the favor, I would also be filled with that same warmth. It felt great to do something for someone but never even see their face or their reaction. It was an anonymous good deed and it felt awesome. I’m totally itching to do it again now.

So, next time you’re at the drive-thru, try it.

26 April 2008

Hello Blogosphere

So…I finally have a blog. After years of hearing about blogging tools (from my husband who works on Windows Live Writer…very cool tool btw), I now can contribute to the “blogosphere.” That word cracks me up, so I like to use it.

I’m just going to write about whatever occurs to me on a daily basis. I’m sure some posts will be totally boring. Some will be about kid stuff and some will be about very important world issues that I am passionate about. We’ll see. As a mother, and a woman, I feel there are certain problems in this world that we need to stand up for or just raise awareness about. This world can be such a horrible place but, with God, we can make a difference. Even a small difference is a difference.

But don’t worry, I’ll lighten it up now and then with bits about cooking, gardening and sewing. haha. What a typical housewife I’ve turned into (well…typical housewife from 1952, I s’pose). Although, I’m still hanging on to my architectural side of the brain, so you’re bound to see some of that too.