29 December 2008

Beach Day

(This is Joe’s post from chengblog.com)

On the way to Christmas in Phoenix, we spent a few days in San Diego for a little pre-vacation, just the four of us. On the first two days we hit SeaWorld and Legoland, and on the third day we just puttered around looking for good places to take pictures.

In Coronado, we hit the jackpot. Deserted beach, photography gold.









07 December 2008

Microloan Cards for Christmas



I am selling microloans again this year. They are $25 each (although you are allowed to give more). This is the front and back of the card and they are sized to fit in a greeting card envelope (3.5” x 7”). For more detailed information, see our Eastside Women of Purpose blog.

If you have someone on your gift list and you have no idea what to buy them…this is perfect. In fact, if anyone doesn’t know what to get me…this is what I want. :) I will gladly sacrifice a random gift item destined for my upper shelf (just kidding, Jon…I LOVE those bowls I’ve never used…heh), for a woman, who feels trapped, to be given the opportunity for more.

This honestly gets me all choked up. Women get training and start their own businesses with only a $100 loan. When their business grows, they hire from the brothels, which gets more young women out and able to gain the self confidence to stand on their own feet. It’s awesome. Then they repay the loan which gets another woman out.

If you want one, comment on this post with your contact info or send me an email (or tell me when you see me cause I usually have them in my purse). Or better yet…click on the “Buy Now” button on my sidebar and I’ll send you one! Unfortunately there is $1 fee for doing this. (Note: you don’t need a paypal account, just click “continue” near the bottom of the payment screen).