19 February 2009

Day at the Dentist

I never thought I would say it, but we had a GREAT day at the dentist today. I’m not sure what our dentist has pumping through the air ducts, but WOW, the kids’ LOVED every minute. So, here are some pictures. (the pictures were taken on my phone…just had to add that)

Noah was first up and did very well. Ollie watched the whole time and was eager for his turn.


Ollie was so great! He did everything they told him to do.

IMG_0167 IMG_0168 IMG_0169

How cute is this!!!! Dr. Thomas actually told Noah to stay on the chair and Ollie could put his legs over him. I’m thinking…haha, yeah right, that’s gonna work, but it TOTALLY DID. This is what I mean…something crazy is pumping through the air there. You HAVE to go to this dentist, he is MAGIC!!!



Then if that wasn’t enough, they were SOOOO excited to get their toothbrushes, they couldn’t even wait until we got home to open them and start BRUSHING!

IMG_0175 IMG_0177

This cracked me up. Noah had such a tight grip on, yes, dental floss & toothbrushes. And he’s so serious! haha. I was totally laughing at him. In his mind he’s saying “Mommy, proper oral hygiene is no laughing matter.”


Then we had lunch with Daddy and they got to spend the night at Amah & Yeh Yeh’s (Joe’s parents). All in all, a pretty great day for everyone. Who knew?

10 February 2009

Valentine’s Day Chocolate

  Global Giving Circle Logo

Just heard about a great event taking place this Saturday, February 14th near Union Square in Manhattan, organized by a newly formed network called the Global Giving Circle. They support innovative solutions to alleviate poverty. Cool, huh?

It is a Valentine’s Day chocolate tasting fundraiser benefiting Project Hope & Fairness, an organization which supports African cocoa farmers and their families. The event funds will specifically go towards helping the farmers purchase weighing scales, as well as towards building a well in their village. I’m really excited about this because, of course, I LOVE Project Hope & Fairness, and I really love when people realize the extreme poverty that chocolate farmers are in AND care to do something about it. The poverty is one reason why there is slavery and human trafficking in the chocolate industry. This has to be stopped people!

It sounds like a cool event, so if you are in NYC, please GO! You won’t miss out on your sweet Valentine’s dinner because it’s from 3-5pm in the afternoon. Good planning, Global Giving Circle.

It’s being sponsored by some great chocolatiers, including Seattle’s own Theo Chocolate. To see more sponsors, details, and buy tickets, click here.

So, since Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if this wasn’t enough of a reminder, PLEASE buy fair-trade certified chocolate, or at the very least, organic, to ensure that it is slave-free. If you need some help on which companies are good, (and bad), click here. There is a list at the bottom of the post. (Keep in mind, the list is not all inclusive.)

09 February 2009

But why, Mrs. Meyer?


So, I never thought the day would come when a dishwasher detergent would cause me emotional heartache (or even make it onto my blog). But the day has come and I can probably call myself a full-fledged homemaker now. (ugh…let’s not actually call me that, okay?)

Yesterday, Joe went out to buy more of my lovely, wonderful Mrs. Meyer’s Dishwashing Powder. It took me many brands before I landed on this brilliant product. The problem with the other brands was either all the sippy cups would smell like nasty fake citrus, or there would be detergent residue and speckles on the dishes. Seriously, every time I opened the dishwasher, you would hear a loud, disappointed sigh, or sometimes even an “aaaargh.” Then, Mrs. Meyer’s saved the day. Her dishwashing powder gave me beautifully clean dishes with no residue or nasty smell. In fact, the smell as I put it in the dishwasher ACTUALLY made me happy. (which is amazing, given that I was doing DISHES…ha)

Sadly, Joe returned from his trip yesterday without my precious dishwashing powder after going to THREE different stores! I went online to see if I could order it, and OH NO!!! It’s not there! But WHY, MRS. MEYER????!!!!!!!  I almost cried. Why would you discontinue this wondrous product? So, my question is…now what do I do? My dishwasher needs powder and not liquid. Oh so sad.

Anybody have a good recommendation for a environmentally safe but efficient and sweet smelling dishwashing powder? PLEEEEASE?

05 February 2009

New Look

Okay…after several days of searching through pretty much EVERY blogger template known to man…I have settled on NONE. I am going with the standard blogger template and its’ limited customizability (do you like that word? nice, huh? I know I am brilliant…and I’m sure I got that apostrophe in the right place too). I downloaded about a dozen templates which caused me to feel every emotion you can think of (delight which quickly turned into rage), so now I’m exhausted…and my super picky perfectionism is just going to have to deal.

Although, I realize the current option could cause some trouble. I understand that the picture of my eyes STARING UPON YOU as you read my thoughts may be slightly annoying and/or terrifying, perhaps. I’m sorry. For now, it is staying. Ofcourse, tomorrow it may change. If it causes a major problem and you find yourself having nightmares of “the squint”, then please let me know and we’ll see what we can do. 

02 February 2009

Under Construction

Sorry. Decided to do a template change at an inopportune moment. This may be a longer process than I expected, so bear with me.