29 October 2008

Amy Grant…I LOVE you!!!


So…my relationship with ‘Amy’ goes way back. Tremaine Dance Conventions and Cinderella Pageants dancing to El Shaddai and Sing Your Praise to the Lord. Then, when I actually BECAME a Christian at 23, I had an Amy Grant “revival” and listened to her on the subway on the way to work. Her music from the eighties was, amazingly, totally relevant to my life at the time and each word seemed like she was singing right to me. I, like everyone else who loved her, felt like I had a special connection to her. (but since my name is Amy too…I really do have a special connection to her…so there!)

When my friend Marisa invited me to go see Amy Grant AND meet her backstage I felt like I won the lottery. I admit I am a total dork. Since that day I have been crying just at the ‘thought’ of meeting her. (I honestly had to pull the car over when I heard the concert commercial on the radio…very very pathetic, I know).

Anyway…I thankfully did NOT cry when I saw her (although I did during El Shaddai, but come on…how could you not). I was shaking when we met her and don’t really remember what happened cause I went into some strange trance I think.

She is just as awesome as I would imagine her to be. I was fully rocking out to the eighties tunes which are soooo awesome, still. And I will continue to rock out to them in my car and living room cause it puts me in a great mood. Although, they have to be full blast or it doesn’t work.

16 October 2008

Little Pumpkins


These little pumpkins had a blast at the pumpkin patch down the road from us. I was amazed it went so well and the big pumpkin (Joe) even wanted to come along. :) Joe took most of these pictures and I love so many of them that I can’t decide….so, here’s a lot…


They were so good at sharing that day. (Notice the Ethel gloves in the background. Perfect for pumpkin picking and sooo cute!)



Ollie kept falling down, and Noah helped him up every time.



The kids are cute and all…but LOOK at those gloves! haha. Just kidding (well..kind of). I’m just in love with Ethel gloves. I already thought they were great, then they donated gloves for our Golf Tournament gift bags. They have great design sense AND a heart for the world. Just awesome in every way.  


_DSC5337 _DSC5341 

Ollie sat on every pumpkin that was just the right size.


Then he decided to be creative and stack them. I love that he did this, and especially that he stood back and looked at what he had built.

_DSC5351 _DSC5353


I love Noah’s expression here.


Ollie was not impressed with the tractor at first.



Then he got excited. (notice his crossed ankles…hehe)


15 October 2008

Been tagged…



My friend, Neely, has tagged me. (which I hate but actually, am procrastinating today, so I’ll do it) You’re lucky I like you, Neely. :)

Here are 7 random/weird facts about me:

1. When I was little I chose my favorite animal based on my favorite stuffed animal, which was Dumbo. So, I collected elephants my entire childhood through college. Now, while the actual animal intrigues me, I have no reaction to elephant adorned items, so please don’t give me any. :)

2. My drink of choice is a decaf, grande, nonfat, no-whip, mocha.

3. I’m sure you all recognize me from this, but for those of you who weren’t into pop culture in 1992, I was on Star Search. I got to shake Ed McMahon’s hand. The name of our group was Good Vibrations if you all would like to make fun of me for this later. We had four girls and one guy in our group and we were in the adult dance category. Ring any bells? (we’re not on YouTube but 4 Boys and a Babe were from the same studio)

4. I (like Neely) love garage sales. I was addicted but am now in recovery. :) I used to go with my Grandma who would drive me around until I found the perfect elephant figurine for 25 cents. On my worst day, during the addiction, I believe I hit 16 garage sales. (this is why I am in recovery…now I can limit them to 3…thank you, it’s been a challenge).

5. I cried on the top of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona while holding onto a column for dear life. I tried telling a little Spanish boy who asked what was wrong that I was afraid of heights, but my Spanish was not so good so I just whispered “alta…alta” between the tears. (btw…I was 20, and when I was 25 I did the same thing on the Empire State Building and my brother, Jeffrey, had to save me.)

6. When I was pregnant I craved bbq ribs. The craving was so bad that I walked almost a mile in Boston to get them (while crying). Speaking of pregnancy, I also puked in the planter outside of Tully’s in Redmond Town Center. (just a little confession…heh)

7. I embarrass myself on the dance floor at weddings. I taught a group of people the dance routine from the Beat It video (sorry Jamie), and cleared the floor as Joe Mullins and I reenacted Saturday Night Fever (sorry Kristin).

I am tagging Mary Ann, Brian, Megan, Bonnie, Gina, and Emily.

13 October 2008

Budding Poet


In the wee hours of the morning (usually around 5:30am…which is wee to me) Noah wakes up and finds his way to our bedroom. He falls back asleep between us and I get to wake up to his cute little voice.

You never know what you are going to get. The other day, I woke up to his excited little voice saying:
“Look Mommy…a booger!”  (lovely, huh?)

But the next day, he made up for it by putting his hand on my cheek and softly saying:
”I love you Mommy.”

I like to lay in bed for awhile so Noah usually tries to convince me to get up by yelling “It’s daytime!” or “It’s morning time!” (which is extremely annoying to me), but on the morning that began with “I love you Mommy”, he followed it with this, in a sweet soft voice:

“The sun is up.
The sky is up.
The trees are tall.
And the moon is down.”

Haha. I love it. His first poem. :) Grandpa Bill will be proud.

03 October 2008

And 3 weeks later…


Well…this is just a post to get the blog ball rolling again. This picture is just a distraction to get you to read this. haha. Just kidding. (isn’t he cute?)

Sorry people. My 3 week hiatus was because I’ve been up to my eyeballs in golf tournament. The fact that I’ve been so busy really is GOOD news, cause it means we have a lot of sponsors! I’ve been uploading/downloading/RE-loading ALL of the logos of our MANY sponsors and making the print materials so we can brag about them. (they are listed here as well www.teeoffagainsttrafficking.org and don’t forget to bid on some great stuff at the online auction…it ends Monday at noon!)

Ok…so, here are some fun pics of the boys, just so it looks like we had somewhat of a summer. :)



Noah as a pirate. The only reason he put the costume on was because I fooled him into thinking it was a requirement to go on the Treasure Hunt. As soon as the treasure was found, he threw it all off. Can’t wait for Halloween. :)



This was the first time Noah had a lollipop with a Tootsie Roll in it. He was not happy when he got to the center. We’ll stick to Dum Dums from now on.



Ollie is such a little independent guy. He feeds himself so well. The other day he wanted to peel his own egg! I let him and he did a great job! (by the way, that’s my favorite shirt of Ollie’s…thanks Sabrina!)



Noah started preschool this year. It’s been great and he loves it. The other day his teacher told me that he volunteered to perform for the kids in the circle. He sang a song! I don’t know which song. I’m really hoping it wasn’t Flight of the Conchords (oh yeah…he knows “Think About It” I think he saw it once and immediately committed it to memory…it’s actually pretty hilarious to hear him sing it…is that bad parenting? heh). (thanks go to Sabby for this t-shirt as well. hehe)

Oh yeah! …. and I finally updated my gallery on www.amychengphoto.com. Website is still in progress, but at least the gallery is new. :) If you are interested in booking a session….GO BID ON IT at www.teeoffagainsttrafficking.org.