29 October 2008

Amy Grant…I LOVE you!!!


So…my relationship with ‘Amy’ goes way back. Tremaine Dance Conventions and Cinderella Pageants dancing to El Shaddai and Sing Your Praise to the Lord. Then, when I actually BECAME a Christian at 23, I had an Amy Grant “revival” and listened to her on the subway on the way to work. Her music from the eighties was, amazingly, totally relevant to my life at the time and each word seemed like she was singing right to me. I, like everyone else who loved her, felt like I had a special connection to her. (but since my name is Amy too…I really do have a special connection to her…so there!)

When my friend Marisa invited me to go see Amy Grant AND meet her backstage I felt like I won the lottery. I admit I am a total dork. Since that day I have been crying just at the ‘thought’ of meeting her. (I honestly had to pull the car over when I heard the concert commercial on the radio…very very pathetic, I know).

Anyway…I thankfully did NOT cry when I saw her (although I did during El Shaddai, but come on…how could you not). I was shaking when we met her and don’t really remember what happened cause I went into some strange trance I think.

She is just as awesome as I would imagine her to be. I was fully rocking out to the eighties tunes which are soooo awesome, still. And I will continue to rock out to them in my car and living room cause it puts me in a great mood. Although, they have to be full blast or it doesn’t work.


Carlee Avery said...

You are so funny!!
It looks like you guys had a blast! Fun times!!

Emily said...

This was fun to read! I feel like I know a lot more about you!