15 October 2008

Been tagged…



My friend, Neely, has tagged me. (which I hate but actually, am procrastinating today, so I’ll do it) You’re lucky I like you, Neely. :)

Here are 7 random/weird facts about me:

1. When I was little I chose my favorite animal based on my favorite stuffed animal, which was Dumbo. So, I collected elephants my entire childhood through college. Now, while the actual animal intrigues me, I have no reaction to elephant adorned items, so please don’t give me any. :)

2. My drink of choice is a decaf, grande, nonfat, no-whip, mocha.

3. I’m sure you all recognize me from this, but for those of you who weren’t into pop culture in 1992, I was on Star Search. I got to shake Ed McMahon’s hand. The name of our group was Good Vibrations if you all would like to make fun of me for this later. We had four girls and one guy in our group and we were in the adult dance category. Ring any bells? (we’re not on YouTube but 4 Boys and a Babe were from the same studio)

4. I (like Neely) love garage sales. I was addicted but am now in recovery. :) I used to go with my Grandma who would drive me around until I found the perfect elephant figurine for 25 cents. On my worst day, during the addiction, I believe I hit 16 garage sales. (this is why I am in recovery…now I can limit them to 3…thank you, it’s been a challenge).

5. I cried on the top of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona while holding onto a column for dear life. I tried telling a little Spanish boy who asked what was wrong that I was afraid of heights, but my Spanish was not so good so I just whispered “alta…alta” between the tears. (btw…I was 20, and when I was 25 I did the same thing on the Empire State Building and my brother, Jeffrey, had to save me.)

6. When I was pregnant I craved bbq ribs. The craving was so bad that I walked almost a mile in Boston to get them (while crying). Speaking of pregnancy, I also puked in the planter outside of Tully’s in Redmond Town Center. (just a little confession…heh)

7. I embarrass myself on the dance floor at weddings. I taught a group of people the dance routine from the Beat It video (sorry Jamie), and cleared the floor as Joe Mullins and I reenacted Saturday Night Fever (sorry Kristin).

I am tagging Mary Ann, Brian, Megan, Bonnie, Gina, and Emily.


marisabutterworth said...

Awesome! Glad you did it...

Emily said...

Wow. Did I know you were on Star Search? We were tight in 1992, weren't we? How'd that escape my attention? Regardless, rest assured that I didn't just like you for your fame.

Also, are we still friends if I don't do the tag, because all the other people who have tagged me and got no response might feel betrayed. Although, this one has the coolest graphic. I learned a lot about Amy Boring -- cool.

neely said...

thanks for doing something you hate for me! And I really want to see video from star search.

Amy L Cheng said...

I don't know how you missed it Emily. When it aired (all 3 episodes) I remember them announcing it over the loudspeakers while I sat in Ms. Merrill's chemistry class.

I'm glad you didn't like me just for my fame though. I think that is the sole reason I was homecoming and prom queen.

Emily said...

Whoa. Maybe I've blocked out some of my high school experience?? I vaguely remember something. And thank you for interpreting that badly phrased "didn't like you" sentence correctly. Just for your fame, that's what I meant!

Emily said...

Oh, funny. I wrote just the first time. Whoops!

Amy L Cheng said...

Oh...and Emily, ofcourse we are still friends. Didn't mean to ignore that and make you worry. heh.