29 August 2008

Amy Cheng Photography

Ok…I have to say, I love my new career! My little business is really taking off. A little too fast actually. I haven’t had time to breath lately, and the website still isn’t finished, etc. I have LOTS of photos to share, but I’m gonna do a little at a time in no particular order. Here are some of my favorite shots of this adorable family…








26 August 2008

Boots are being distributed!


Ok. This is very very exciting to me. Tom Neuhaus (our hero and giver of boots) has departed for Africa. We were able to raise over $4000 to buy boots for 400 cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast and Ghana. (who desperately need them, basically to save their lives from the poisonous snakes). Anyway, I got word that Tom was leaving and he will be keeping us informed of his travels on his blog www.sweetearthchocolates.blogspot.com.

Thanks so much to all of you who donated! I had planned to send individual emails out to all of you, but it has not happened yet. :( sorry. I do believe these boots are going to brighten the lives of these farmers who work so hard. I’m really excited that we could be a part of this. It’s great that even $10 (for a pair of boots) can make a difference. I’m so touched that so many people around me truly care about this issue and want to help.

If you are a recent viewer and confused, check out these previous posts:




And by the way. One person has thrown their own chocolate party since mine and others have expressed interest. If you would like to throw a party I will provide you with a chocolate fountain, signage, traffic-free chocolate guides and anything else you might need. The point of this is to educate people about the cocoa slaves in Africa (mostly young boys) and the horror that they are being faced with to provide us with chocolate. Fair-trade chocolate ensures that slaves have not been used on the cocoa plantations. There is a list of companies that can and cannot ensure their chocolate is slavery-free on the traffic-free chocolate card pictured below.


06 August 2008

Ollie is two!

Well…our baby is 2. We did not have a party this year (if you can believe that….yes, I have restraint). But I did make a cake and we had a very small celebration with Ollie’s friends, Rusty & Max.




Ollie loves frogs and turtles, so he got a frog cake and I splurged on the huge mylar turtle balloon. He loved it, but not as much as the goldfish, which was his ‘big’ gift.





We asked the boys what they wanted to name mr. fish. First, Noah suggested “Bakkak” (i have no explanation for that), next was “Trainsian”…interesting, then Noah adamantly suggested Nemo. Well…he actually ‘told’ us his name was Nemo. We argued and said he doesn’t even look like Nemo…well, Noah won. So, our fish has the incredibly ‘unique’ name of Nemo. Lovely. :)