05 February 2009

New Look

Okay…after several days of searching through pretty much EVERY blogger template known to man…I have settled on NONE. I am going with the standard blogger template and its’ limited customizability (do you like that word? nice, huh? I know I am brilliant…and I’m sure I got that apostrophe in the right place too). I downloaded about a dozen templates which caused me to feel every emotion you can think of (delight which quickly turned into rage), so now I’m exhausted…and my super picky perfectionism is just going to have to deal.

Although, I realize the current option could cause some trouble. I understand that the picture of my eyes STARING UPON YOU as you read my thoughts may be slightly annoying and/or terrifying, perhaps. I’m sorry. For now, it is staying. Ofcourse, tomorrow it may change. If it causes a major problem and you find yourself having nightmares of “the squint”, then please let me know and we’ll see what we can do. 

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