09 February 2009

But why, Mrs. Meyer?


So, I never thought the day would come when a dishwasher detergent would cause me emotional heartache (or even make it onto my blog). But the day has come and I can probably call myself a full-fledged homemaker now. (ugh…let’s not actually call me that, okay?)

Yesterday, Joe went out to buy more of my lovely, wonderful Mrs. Meyer’s Dishwashing Powder. It took me many brands before I landed on this brilliant product. The problem with the other brands was either all the sippy cups would smell like nasty fake citrus, or there would be detergent residue and speckles on the dishes. Seriously, every time I opened the dishwasher, you would hear a loud, disappointed sigh, or sometimes even an “aaaargh.” Then, Mrs. Meyer’s saved the day. Her dishwashing powder gave me beautifully clean dishes with no residue or nasty smell. In fact, the smell as I put it in the dishwasher ACTUALLY made me happy. (which is amazing, given that I was doing DISHES…ha)

Sadly, Joe returned from his trip yesterday without my precious dishwashing powder after going to THREE different stores! I went online to see if I could order it, and OH NO!!! It’s not there! But WHY, MRS. MEYER????!!!!!!!  I almost cried. Why would you discontinue this wondrous product? So, my question is…now what do I do? My dishwasher needs powder and not liquid. Oh so sad.

Anybody have a good recommendation for a environmentally safe but efficient and sweet smelling dishwashing powder? PLEEEEASE?


Michele Martin, Athletic Director said...

Phooey on Mrs Meyers! Well, they aren't nearly as non toxic and eco friendly as they say anyway so ...boo to them.

I like ecover powder tabs and Seventh Generation makes a powder I like. The liquids never clean and these are the only two eco ones I found that were reasonably priced and kicked the conventional ones booties!

Good Luck.b

Jodie Howerton said...

Bummer!!! Are you sure it's discontinued? I used to buy it at World Market...say it isn't so!

Big Sis said...

Yes! Biokleen. You can see their powder here: http://biokleenhome.com/products/household/kitchen. Be aware - it's strong stuff so you don't need a whole dishwasher-detergent-holder-thingy-full. It's about half that (the container says how much). So the first time or two I had residue until I read the package. But, I love it much more than Mrs. Meyers - hers always left my dishes smelling (it's really hard to enjoy orange juice when your glass smells like lavender).

Anonymous said...

Amy, have you looked on mrsmeyers.com? The automatic dishwasher soap is listed AND there is a coupon! Will this help you?

va said...

I too am hooked on Mrs.Meyers powdered dishwasher detergent (lavender). I contacted the mfg. and was told that the powder was discontinued because of "sifting and clumping" problems. They use the same formula in the tablets. However the tablets are available in packets of 20 for about $7.99. I don't remember what I last paid for the powder but I know it was much much less that that for many more washes (I have a European brand HE dishwasher) and was warned explicitly NOT to overuse the detergent. Thus I use 1 TBS. per
wash and it works fine. I was also told by the mfg. that each tablet is equal to 1TBS. I do prefer powder to tablets.