07 May 2008

Odd-shaped head


So, Joe got a wide angle (10-20mm) lens for his birthday from his parents. It’s an awesome lens, but sometimes when the kids run up to me, I’ll take a close up and look what happens. So funny. The edges get stretched and distorted. This one is pretty subtle compared to the others. I couldn’t post those cause they would give you all nightmares.

And for those of you that haven’t met Noah. His head is extremely round. Almost perfectly spherical. I guess that is rather odd, actually. Perhaps the lens makes his head look normal. hmm. Maybe I chose the wrong title for this post.

Oh…I’m also experimenting with Windows Live Writer image borders. This one is called “Photopaper.” Pretty nice.


marisabutterworth said...

He still looks stinkin cute even with an oddly shaped head!

Amy L Cheng said...