02 May 2008

Ethel Gloves

glove Ok….gotta be the cutest gardening gloves ever. Their website is fantastic also. Shipping is FREE! And the gift wrapping is out of this world cute. I can’t stand it. I’m going to bed dreaming of these gloves. Ok, yeah…I’m a gardening nerd I guess. That’s lame since I’m not even a good gardener. heh.

Update: So, I got my gloves! They are awesome. Although, I’ve kept them in a gift bag since they are a gift from the boys for Mother’s Day. Can you believe they picked out such a perfect gift for me?  (haha) Anyway, just wanted to say that they are at Lowe’s, but they only carry them in Medium and Large (fyi: a Medium fit me fine and I have fairly small hands). The company is getting a new shipment May 7th, so if you can’t find the size you need on www.ethelgloves.com, they probably will be available there soon. (I know that because they emailed me. Their customer service is wonderful. Such a great company.)


marisabutterworth said...

I ordered a pair for one of my mother in laws and really want a pair for myself. Thanks for telling me about these!

Amy L Cheng said...

I hope your mother in law uses them. I gave a pair to my mom and she loves them, but says they're too pretty to get dirty. haha. She'll use them for non-dirty gardening she says. :)