13 October 2008

Budding Poet


In the wee hours of the morning (usually around 5:30am…which is wee to me) Noah wakes up and finds his way to our bedroom. He falls back asleep between us and I get to wake up to his cute little voice.

You never know what you are going to get. The other day, I woke up to his excited little voice saying:
“Look Mommy…a booger!”  (lovely, huh?)

But the next day, he made up for it by putting his hand on my cheek and softly saying:
”I love you Mommy.”

I like to lay in bed for awhile so Noah usually tries to convince me to get up by yelling “It’s daytime!” or “It’s morning time!” (which is extremely annoying to me), but on the morning that began with “I love you Mommy”, he followed it with this, in a sweet soft voice:

“The sun is up.
The sky is up.
The trees are tall.
And the moon is down.”

Haha. I love it. His first poem. :) Grandpa Bill will be proud.


Sadie said...

Awww, I just love your little guys - so darn cute and sweet!

neely said...

as always i love your pictures...
but...i have also tagged you at my blog...check it out.

Emily said...

Amy, your boys are seriously cute. Now I'm waiting for a picture of your husband.