19 February 2009

Day at the Dentist

I never thought I would say it, but we had a GREAT day at the dentist today. I’m not sure what our dentist has pumping through the air ducts, but WOW, the kids’ LOVED every minute. So, here are some pictures. (the pictures were taken on my phone…just had to add that)

Noah was first up and did very well. Ollie watched the whole time and was eager for his turn.


Ollie was so great! He did everything they told him to do.

IMG_0167 IMG_0168 IMG_0169

How cute is this!!!! Dr. Thomas actually told Noah to stay on the chair and Ollie could put his legs over him. I’m thinking…haha, yeah right, that’s gonna work, but it TOTALLY DID. This is what I mean…something crazy is pumping through the air there. You HAVE to go to this dentist, he is MAGIC!!!



Then if that wasn’t enough, they were SOOOO excited to get their toothbrushes, they couldn’t even wait until we got home to open them and start BRUSHING!

IMG_0175 IMG_0177

This cracked me up. Noah had such a tight grip on, yes, dental floss & toothbrushes. And he’s so serious! haha. I was totally laughing at him. In his mind he’s saying “Mommy, proper oral hygiene is no laughing matter.”


Then we had lunch with Daddy and they got to spend the night at Amah & Yeh Yeh’s (Joe’s parents). All in all, a pretty great day for everyone. Who knew?


marisabutterworth said...

I was just going to do an posting about Dr. Thomas!! I am so glad that you did. He is a miracle worker. BOTH the boys love it there and Finn laid back and seemed to enjoy his time in the seat. Weird. The left with the same great attitude. I will make sure that my kids go to Dr. Thomas as long as we live here!

This Mama said...

Wow, that's awesome the boys love the dentist!
Your phone takes pretty good pictures. I'm impressed.

Lyonslove said...

Hi Amy- I love the pictures you took of Mike, Jodie and the kids. I was wondering where I could order some. could you email me?