10 April 2011

Knitting much?

Okay…here is a photo collection of most of my knitting projects. Forgive the lack of consistency in photo styles. These were all taken with my phone and some I chose to “spiff up” and some I left as is.

I’d prefer to post each project separately in the future so I can spend some time listing the yarn used and pattern help I received (YouTube is amazing for beginning knitters, btw). But since I’m so behind on the blog, I just have to catch up a bit first.

I guess I should also explain my recent obsession. A friend of mine taught me how to knit a simple scarf a few years ago (thank you, Miss Amy Kang). I did it, and that was that. She thought I would become a knitter, but I assured her I would NOT as I REALLY didn’t have the time or patience to sit and knit. Well…fast forward a few years, and the bug got me. I can’t really explain it, but I love it. I love that one string can turn into something so wonderful. There is a 3-dimensional, mathematical quality to knitting. It’s made up of knits and purls and any combination of those stitches can produce something different. So, I’m turning into a knitting nerd and I don’t care. I really do believe it’s saved my sanity these past months.

People keep asking me how I have time to knit. Well…I don’t really. I can usually just knit a few rows at a time during the day…if I get a few minutes while Simon is napping or if I arrive 5 minutes early at the bus stop or to pick up Ollie. I knit at night to relax (my husband works A LOT, which frees up many evenings, I’m kind of sad to say, actually). I also knit at playdates and bible study. heh. One of the few things you can do while also talking and listening. Oh…and I knit at Taekwondo. One of the moms told me how I always seem so relaxed with three boys, cause I sit and knit at Taekwondo. Again….it’s SAVING my sanity. haha.



This was my first (and only) blanket that I knitted for my precious, Simon. It’s super soft and cuddly. It’s my own pattern (which was sooo fun to come up with) because I didn’t like any I saw. I’m currently working on a blanket for Ollie, but blankets take a LONG time and he wants one that’s “just his size”, so…it will be awhile.


photo (21)

These were in a previous post, but I thought I’d repost them, because darn it…they took me a LONG time to make. AND they are made from Fair Trade Cotton no less.



Here is a sweet newborn hat I made for my friends Josh and Angelle who are having their first little baby.



Here’s sweet little Simon trying on his little hat in progress. The final version is posted here.



I normally don’t like to post pictures of myself (especially in the BATHROOM), but here I am! This is an infinity scarf. Fun, huh?



Noah wanted a scarf. Cute, but the edges roll in. Whatever, he still likes it and he wears it well.



This was my second attempt at making mittens to match Noah’s scarf. Well…they are too small for Noah, and almost too small for Ollie. Luckily, I have a third child who can grow into them.



I know…so sad I made my son model this, but someone had to. This will go to a very deserving little girl, if my friend ends up having a girl. If not, I will make a cute little skater hat for a little boy, probably. Don’t you love it? It’s the Stella Pixie Hat on Etsy. So fun to make.



And this is my latest newborn hat. Super cute with a knot on the top. It’s actually the Berry Baby Hat, but instead of a berry, it’s grey and cream stripes. It’s also super soft cause I used an organic wool/cotton blend. This one is for John and Lisa Butterworth’s little bundle, but they don’t know it yet. Hehe.

So, now that I look at all of these, I’m super embarrassed by my horrible photography. I promise to use my REAL camera to take pictures of my next projects.


mrs.burkette said...

Love. Your. Knits.

First "complicated" thing I've made were socks. I need to start knitting again--hopefully soon!

reginag said...

My wife is starting to do it for she is pregnant now.

Lauren Michelle said...

Knitting is amazing! My sister just made me an Infinity Scarf (the kind you had in one of your photos) and the stuff you made is amzing! Keep it up

myrtle said...

WoW! That was really amazing..=D

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Unknown said...

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