08 April 2011

Blogging Hang-ups

Okay…it’s been over a month since my last post, in which I declared that I was going to start blogging again. Hm. Not such a great re-start. Anyway, in all this, I was trying to figure out what kept me from blogging and there are many reasons.

1. The obvious: Having a family of five just keeps me on my toes with laundry, dishes, cooking, kids schoolwork, general clean-up, etc. And my house is NOT in order all the time, so something is lacking in that area as well.

2. A new hobby: I’m obsessed with knitting. I think about it ALL the time. I dream about it at night. Not kidding. I MIGHT need an intervention.

3. Indecisiveness: There is sooo much I want to blog about, that when I sit down to do it, I just can’t decide, so I don’t. Here are just a few:

-Past birthday celebrations
-PeeWee Soccer
-Noah’s artwork
-Bento lunches
-Cannon Beach

4. Lack of photo organization and quality: I know, I know…I’m a photographer so, really, this shouldn’t be an issue. The problem is I have everything organized for clients, but my own personal photographs are a mess. And, typically, the shots I want to blog about are on my phone. So, the quality is horrible and I’m a perfectionist, and can’t bring myself to post so-so pictures up. Also, I blog on a PC, and I sync my phone to my mac. Just a little transferring dilemma that takes slightly more time and effort that, apparently, I’m unwilling to put forth. I won’t bore you with the rest of the details.

So…I’m gonna make myself get over all this. I’ll put off laundry and dishes once in a while. I maybe WON’T knit every chance I get (notice I said maybe). I won’t blog in any order, I’ll just pick a random subject and do it (my self-diagnosed OCD will have some trouble with this one). Finally, I will post up horrible, un-edited, low-resolution pictures and not think twice. After all…when we started blogging, we put up images based on cute factor, not image quality.

Since this has been a super boring post. I’m gonna end it with some cute, (but low-quality) random images to get myself over my blogging hang-ups. These are in NO particular order and I may be reposting them later when I decide to actually write in detail about them. Here we go:

photo (16)

Ollie LOVES his brother. He is just the sweetest guy.

photo (15)

Simon is just too perfect for words.

photo (13)

Noah and Ollie’s lunches. I kind of dumbed-down the Bento lunch idea, but it’s still cute and fun.

photo (7)

Noah brought these to share at school for his 6th Birthday. He couldn’t decide between cupcakes, cookies, or lollipops. So, I figured out how to make these. I’ll post the recipes later. Took a few YouTube lessons for me to finally get it. Ha.

photo (21)

My first booties knit for my friend, Jess. Booties are REALLY hard. So…there may not be another pair for awhile.

photo (17)

Noah made this Optimus Prime from scratch with no help from me. It is sooo delicate. It’s made of paper and if you can’t tell, that one arm is sooo tiny! haha. I love it. It makes me thing of this. hehe.


Hani said...

Oh, Simon is so sweet. Makes me want to have another baby (and Caroline is only 4 months old!) Welcome back to blogging!

Kelly M said...

Dear Amy, I would love to spend the day with you. Here's the deal: I'll do some dishes and laundry at your place (while our children play?) and you can teach me to knit and make cute treats! Also, that optimus prime is amazing! Love, Kelly.

Anonymous said...

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myrtle said...

OH my! that was really sweet.. really love your blog.
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