22 June 2010

Simon’s Birth

{I copied this post from Joe. It’s posted on our family blog, chengblog.com}

(Sorry for the late posting of this very important news—everything goes on Facebook these days!)

We’re so happy to welcome Simon Lewis Cheng into our family! He was born on June 8, 2010, weighing in at a healthy 8 lbs, 7 oz.

Ten fingers, ten toes, and everything else appears to be in working order as well!



Noah and Ollie are doing great with their new baby brother, especially Ollie, who takes his new role of “big brother” very seriously.


We’re so thankful to God for blessing us with another amazing little person to take care of. Simon has already brought so much joy into our home!


Himanshu said...

Very cute Baby

Anonymous said...


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