17 November 2008

STOP Shopping!

This makes me so happy. I think my church is awesome for doing this. If you are on my gift list, you are in luck, cause people are going to be freed from slavery (literally), people in developing countries will receive clean water, and relief will be given to help fight the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time: HIV/AIDS. A gift will be given in your name to help the oppressed, diseased, hungry, enslaved, orphaned, widowed…the list goes on. Now…can you really compare that to a random sweater or gift card?

Now watch the video, it’s pretty fun…


Kara H said...

Greg and I are totally doing the Charity Water Bottles as gifts this year too! That is awesome!
I am with you too! I have been totally touched by that video OCC did for Advent Conspiracy, and literally get goose bumps every time I watch it! All I want to do is help to spread the Conspiracy! :)
Oh, I also forgot to pick up some of your little "Safe & Bad Chocolate List" cards at the movie night...I want some! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome video!