06 August 2008

Ollie is two!

Well…our baby is 2. We did not have a party this year (if you can believe that….yes, I have restraint). But I did make a cake and we had a very small celebration with Ollie’s friends, Rusty & Max.




Ollie loves frogs and turtles, so he got a frog cake and I splurged on the huge mylar turtle balloon. He loved it, but not as much as the goldfish, which was his ‘big’ gift.





We asked the boys what they wanted to name mr. fish. First, Noah suggested “Bakkak” (i have no explanation for that), next was “Trainsian”…interesting, then Noah adamantly suggested Nemo. Well…he actually ‘told’ us his name was Nemo. We argued and said he doesn’t even look like Nemo…well, Noah won. So, our fish has the incredibly ‘unique’ name of Nemo. Lovely. :)






Unknown said...

Well, I guess they don't watch much Sesame Street, otherwise your fish would probably have been named Dorothy. Those boys are so darn cute! And I love the cake!

marisabutterworth said...

I love that you used restraint and made the most amazing looking cake instead! You are so creative! Ollie looks so happy and I find the name Nemo very easy to remember :)

Kara H said...

Amy, your boys are absolutely adorable! I love the pictures that you captured at your "restrained" birthday party :)! How fun! I am with Marisa...your cake is amazing! Very creative!


I'm so bummed we missed the party. It looks like Ollie had fun. And I too love you cake - fondant, nice! :)

This Mama said...

Your kids are too cute and great job on the cake. You could design a building and turn it into a photo studio with a bakery. I would totally come!

Sadie said...

So, SO cute...love the cake. Ollie looks so excited, such a doll! And, I'm with Molly...if Levi got a fish (which I'm sure he would love, but his Mom doesn't want to clean, etc. :)) he/she would be names Dorothy! :)