30 July 2008

Tee Off Against Trafficking


Many of you know how passionate I am about the child trafficking problem in Southeast Asia. (It’s actually a big problem in Seattle as well…which is horrifying) Well, we (Eastside Women of Purpose) are on to our next fundraiser…a Golf Tournament taking place in Redmond, WA on Sunday, October 5th.

It’s going to be an awesome event. We are looking for people to play and to sponsor. You can sponsor a golf cart for only $100 (which is great for small business like Amy Cheng Photography…hehe) We are also looking for donated items to use as prizes and items for our gift bags. To be a hero in this story (and these kids REALLY need a HERO) please go to www.teeoffagainsttrafficking.org and SIGN UP or email Sadie to sponsor.

It’s going to be a fun event but the point of all of this is to save children BEFORE they get kidnapped or sold into slavery. Our funds are going toward educational materials that are WORKING! We heard a story about a young girl in a small village in Thailand who had been educated about ‘stranger danger.’ She noticed a strange man wandering about the village. She asked him questions and reported him to her elders and he got nervous and left! She saved the children in her village from this nightmare that thousands of children are faced with RIGHT NOW.

Imagine being a 14 year old girl, who had never even kissed a boy, and a ‘friend’ of the family says she can get you a job for the summer in a noodle shop in another town and instead of a noodle shop, she brings you to a brothel, and that night you are raped by 10 different men. Then the next day, you have to do it again, and smile or else you'll be beaten. I'm not exaggerating. These girls (and boys) NEED your help. There was a Dateline special about this last week. There were girls as young as 5 in these brothels. I'm currently reading the book, Terrify No More, which was written about the raid that was captured on film for Dateline. It's disturbing, but I highly recommend it.

Please tell your friends about the tournament. We can all do something to stop trafficking.


Kara H said...

Hey Amy!
Would you mind if I copy the "Tee Off" logo from your blog to post on mine? I am going to be doing some "practice" shoots over the next few months, and I am going to ask for donations to the event in exchange for my services. Would you mind if I included the logo in my post about it? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I am with you on this cause. I can't donate money at the moment, but if I can help out other ways, let me know. I've been paying a lot of attention to:


Love, Jim

Amy L Cheng said...

Kara...you are awesome. Thanks so much. Ofcourse you can take the logo! Great idea. Let me know if you need anything else.