15 July 2008

Potty talk

So, Noah was on the potty today and here is our conversation:

Mommy:  I have to go potty too.lego_toilet
Noah:  Oh ok. I can share.
(Noah climbs off toilet)
Noah:  There you go. Now you can go potty.
(Mommy goes potty)
Noah: Now our wee wee can go down together.
(Mommy laughs)
Noah: Are you laughing?
Mommy: Yes.
Noah: (looking into toilet) Wow, that’s a lot of wee wee.

I have to say, I think he’s sweet for ‘sharing’ the toilet with me. :) But the best part was the excited look on his face when our ‘wee wee’ could get flushed together. That's awesome. I'm still laughing.


marisabutterworth said...

oh man! i love noah! He is such a little doll. That is seriously cute! plus, i am always a fan of potty talk...

Anonymous said...

Oh, if I weren't so anal retentive I would love that story!