19 July 2008

Kona & an unhealthy hibiscus obsession

So…Joe and I just got back from Hawaii. We were in Kona to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday. The four kids (& spouses) gave my mom the trip for her birthday and all she knew was that Brian (my youngest brother) and his girlfriend, Nadia (one of my favorite people) were going with her. Joe and I managed to come (thanks to Joe’s parents babysitting….THANK YOU) and we surprised her the 3rd day. Wow…what a surprise.

Anyway. I woke up one morning and became obsessed with this hibiscus.




_DSC8897  _DSC8903


Here are some other pics….

_DSC9467 _DSC9469


We had fun with the ‘infinity’ pool…





This was Joe’s typical position…



We ate VERY well. At the farmer’s market, we managed to get 2 lbs. of sushi grade Yellowfin Tuna caught the day before for $15. We were tuna’d out by the end of the day cause we had Poke’ for lunch and seared it for dinner on some Okenowa purple spinach from the farmer’s market. yum.

_DSC9130 _DSC9144

_DSC9265 _DSC9273


Ok…this is a crazy long post. I’ll continue it later. :)


neely said...

what amazing pictures! seriously...beautiful!

marisabutterworth said...

I love all the shots! It looks like you guys had a chance to relax (despite all my frantic emails about Pics for a Purpose). I am now officially craving sushi!

This Mama said...

gorgeous pictures!

Amy L Cheng said...

Thanks guys, I should give credit to Joe. He took all the food shots and the pictures of me, obviously. :)

Carlee Avery said...

I want to go back!!! LOVE the flower pics - when we were there I kept taking pics of all the beautiful flowers and was made fun of... until we got home and they were BEAUTIFUL!

Kara H said...

Hey Amy! I don't know if you remember me, but I met you at the Pics for a Purpose event...I love your creative style and the pics that you posted from the event are awesome! I also have to tell you that those colors of the flower pictures are soooo yummy! Great work! I look forward to seeing more of your great pics!
Kara H

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is really fantastic!

Nicki J. said...

OMG! These photos are amazing, Nadia said she had a great time! I love the photo of the food, I am so jealous! I wish my mom could prepare such amazing food, lol! Do you use photoshop to make the photos so rich?

Amy L Cheng said...

I use Adobe Lightroom. It's soooo great. I highly recommend it. :)